In South Africa, Woolworths touts complete dinner menus

woolworthAs the global recession forces consumers to trade down in all areas, including where they buy their food, Woolworths—a high-quality, high-priced retailer here in South Africa—is seeking to keep its clientele by offering complete dinners for a family of four for less than R100 (approximately $10). It’s a popular tactic worldwide—in the U.K., Marks & Spencer is also touting a nice round number, urging customers to “Dine in for £10 with M&S this weekend.”
These bundled offers have two objectives: saving the consumer money and helping to answer the age-old “What’s for dinner?” question—more relevant than ever as people cut down on dining out. While Woolworths’ average basket cost is a lot higher than at most supermarkets, offers such as this—one that lends a helping hand and demonstrates the brand’s understanding of the customer’s needs right now—endear the retailer to its already loyal shoppers. And when the economic cycle turns again, Woolworths hopes to enjoy many more years of their support.

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  • Just heard that Whole Foods, a gourmet/organic retailer in the US, is pursuing a similar strategy – they’ve found a marked decrease in sales of higher value added products – think prepared side dishes, cut fruit – so they’ve been marketing similar “meal packages.” When compared with a restaurant meal, the Whole Foods option is certainly a better value.

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