Lunch with the FT: It’s not only co-op housewives collecting vouchers

ftlunchI was lunching with my 30-something girlfriends when one mentioned a deal in the FT: “Lunch with the FT: Take a friend for a fiver.” These girls are high-earning investment bankers who couldn’t be bothered to cut out three vouchers from the newspaper and restrict themselves to a given list of restaurants a year ago. But they’re doing it now, and commenting that “It feels silly to go to expensive restaurants. Why pay high prices when you can get equally good and enjoyable food much cheaper?”

The promotion, which runs from mid-January through mid-February, was reintroduced last year after a five-year break. Well done to the FT for bringing this promotion back at the right time. It gives the “discerning” set an opportunity to discover “smarter” alternatives—without feeling as though they’re downgrading.

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  • This reminds me of Restaurant Week in New York. The latest one, at least according to a waiter the other night at a Mexican place, is been extended indefinitely. Funny thing is … when you look around at most restaurants in the city (at least the established ones) … you think, “What recession?” They’re super crowded with waits. Maybe it’s the Restaurant Week (er, Month) incentive?

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