NatWest: Do consumers want a financial coach?

That a recession benefits change agents is an accepted hypothesis. An economic trough makes even the most intrepid of individuals and organizations rethink the way they operate, especially when it comes to their finances. So it’s no surprise to see NatWest, one of the big four of retail banking in the U.K., donning the change agent mantle under the “Helpful Banking” umbrella, touting the “MoneySense” advisers working in a thousand bank branches.

Judging from their latest TV spot, these advisers—outfitted in drab navy blazers—are “not there to sell but to give you free, impartial financial guidance.” Indeed, anxious people seek guidance (a voice of wisdom to steer them straight), but whether consumers see these folks as friendly allies or preachy busybodies remains to be seen.

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  • Same is true across the Atlantic. Suze Orman, personal finance guru, has recently appeared on countless news channels. To the point of parody on SNL. Consumers are certainly hungry for more financial advice.

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