Retail therapy at the right price (free)

retailIf you’re going to be tightening your belt in these uncertain economic times, why does it have to be an old one?

While shopping sprees are now out of the question for many consumers, shopaholics around the world are getting their retail therapy by attending clothing swaps. These gatherings recycle wardrobes among friends, with guests bringing items they no longer want or fit into and leaving with “new” clothes. No money exchanges hands, and at the end of the evening, all clothes left go to a charity. It’s an economically, socially and environmentally beneficial way to achieve the post-shopping glow.

3 Responses to “Retail therapy at the right price (free)”

  • In the US, has a “free” section that appears to be getting longer and longer….

  • These clothes-swapping parties were around in New York long before the recession hit. But I’ve heard about more and more popping up in the past several months. I understand that Good Will has been getting a lot of traffic, too, lately.

  • It’s really nice to hear that anything leftover goes to charity, and that participants aren’t trying to make any sort of profit. However, I can’t help but wonder why people wouldn’t just give all that they don’t want to charity to begin with. Is it really necessary to recycle clothes? As if they can’t get their hands on it elsewhere? I completely understand the need to stay on a budget, but it’s not going to help the economy by not spending anymore. There are plenty of places to buy inexpensive clothes, and even more needy people who are better off with last season’s coats than your friends are.

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