7-Eleven Philippines serves up a daily pleasure

brewed-pleasure_manilaThe recession opens up opportunities for brands to identify gaps in the market and create products that provide affordable indulgence. Here’s one good example:

In this country, a sachet (single-dose pack) of Nescafe Instant Coffee is the common waker-upper, while brewed coffee remains an indulgent luxury for many. 7-Eleven Philippines, which used to offer only vending-machine-type instant coffee, is attempting to fill this gap with brewed coffee priced at 35 pesos a cup (roughly 72 cents). By comparison, Starbucks sets you back at least 90 pesos ($1.85).

The catch: DIY. You pour your own brew from the coffee machine and put on the cover and sleeve. The silver lining: Unlike Starbucks, where you wait for your barista, here you pay, DIY-assemble and you’re off.

7-Eleven’s coffee has proved popular among the office crowd, even in Makati streets, where convenience stores are side by side with Starbucks. In offices we visited, 7-Eleven’s coffee cup was as prevalent as Starbucks’ green and white cup.

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