Cheap, mouth-watering and recession-proof


Visit a bakery, street food vendor or branded street food parlor in any Indian city and you’ll see an industry that is still buzzing. One reason for the brisk business is, of course, the price, which is substantially lower than at restaurants. But they promise so much more than just cost savings: variety by the heaps, as well as highly indulgent and drool-worthy dishes. You never get the feeling that because it’s less expensive, you’re having a stripped-down version of a dish.

Eating at these places promises entertainment, indulgence and an escape from mundane reality, all rolled into one—a deeply satisfying experience. What can brands learn from this? It’s nice to make your product affordable, but consumers really appreciate a bundle of good experiences in these trying times.

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  • The words ‘stripped down version’ for the street food were really out of the box. Good keep it up with your humor.

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