India’s leading business daily encourages entrepreneurship

mc_the-best-time-for-ideasAmid all the news items on the downturn, India’s The Economic Times has created a platform that encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship by giving people an opportunity to submit their ideas, as well as mentoring and the chance for funding.

The “Power of Ideas” contest provides both inspiration and advice for business development in a recession. Over the last decade, the spirit of Indian entrepreneurship has been riding high, and there is now a collective feeling in Indian corporate voice—one which keeps peeping through in press reports, interviews and articles—that India will determinedly turn the recession into opportunity. Many headlines demonstrate this tone, like this one, from The Economic Times: “Just one big idea can lay off the slowdown.” While marketers and brands are busy rethinking their strategies, here is a media brand that used its position to its advantage; instead of just being a messenger of bad news, it created an interactive program.

2 Responses to “India’s leading business daily encourages entrepreneurship”

  • A very interesting idea. However I wish ET had done this early last year well before everything came crashing down. In the ecosystem everything is interconnected and entrepreneurship is very much a part of the system. Perhaps a little too late.

  • Hi! Was about to write on this campaign myself:-)

    What is most inspiring about this campaign for me?

    1) It turns slowdown theory on its head. Asserting that there has never been a better time than now to create a successful business.

    2) One brand decided to step forward and do something truly meaningful for consumers. Rather than most others, who are merely peddling their products under the guise of discounts/save more/cheap bundling tactics.

    Also,it’s being leveraged very well across media. For all the stuff they’re doing, chk out

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