Observations from an evening commute

we-live-in-financial-timesEvery evening, I take the train from the heart of NYC to my house in leafy Scarsdale, a place that’s been experiencing some unfamiliar financial pain over the past 12 months. The advertising that adorns the New Haven Line is tailored to the wealthy—but increasingly anxious—commuters who rush in and out of Wall Street and Madison Avenue: luxury watch brands, newspapers that chronicle capitalism, professional services firms, etc.

As you might expect, these advertisers have been trying some new approaches on those of us who are still employed. Financial Times reminds us that “We live in Financial Times,” a subtle play on Oscar Wilde’s eternal line. Carl F. Bucherer positions its luxury timepieces as made for “people who do not go with the times.” AVON has been exhorting us to “Walk as one” as we march for breast cancer in October. And the Take 5 lottery tells us that “with 100,000 winners a day, who says you can’t live large in New York?”

Navigating uncertainty, zigging while others zag, stories of life-affirming hope and the chance that one’s luck could change at any moment—this is the new narrative of my daily commute.

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