Three-star recession special: Dinner at Jean-Georges for only $58

jeangeorges_wcNew York has the largest single-city economy in the United States and the second largest in the world (after Tokyo). And according to The New York Times, in 2006 almost half of all wages paid in Manhattan were paid to employees in the financial services industry. So you can imagine the impact that the current financial crisis is having on the city that never sleeps.

Even the ultra rich are feeling the pinch. Just this week, a number of high-end restaurants added “recesssion specials” to their menus. Jean-Georges, the three-star Michelin Guide restaurant, is offering a $58 four-course dinner option and “half glasses of wine.”

As Jean-Georges Vongerichten himself says, “I sometimes think of my $58 chef’s selection menu as ‘The Obama Special.’ No, it’s not a $787 billion stimulus package for the national economy, but it’s my way of bringing some cheer to this depression. Bon appetit!”

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  • The “original” Recession Special still is king, though – 2 dogs and a papaya drink at gray’s. Only $ 4.45. Love it!
    Upscale restaurants with recession specials – one of the most interesting silver linings of the recession is exactly that people are taking themselves less seriously, adding a bit of humor to things.

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