Adidas defends authenticity as fakes flourish

In the global financial crisis, an alternative market in fakes (shoes, watches, electronics, etc.) is flourishing. In Argentina, Adidas is fighting back with a bit of humor, showing how bad these replicas can make you look.

A soccer team in coming-apart-at-the-seams shorts and shirts becomes a peculiar dance company. It’s a clever and funny spot that gets serious at the end by noting that pirated goods are manufactured under poor working conditions using inferior material. Buying faux Adidas will not only make you look ridiculous, it will make you socially irresponsible.

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  • Hi there,
    As well as your point about fake gear making you look ridiculous and/or socially irresponsible – I think this spot from Adidas also puts forward a great way into the value equation (e.g. value over price): Where cheap alternatives/fakes will break or let you down quickly, Adidas products are better value for (more) money – and therefore are likely to perform and last the test of time.

    This is clearly a way people already justify paying a price premium (product X may be more expensive but it is better quality, so it will last longer, and is therefore better value than cheaper alternatives), but I think this Adidas ad does a good job at reinforcing this mindset by actually showing the negative consequences of buying fakes/cheap alternatives.

    Although, I can’t read the type so I can’t be sure!??

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