Australian insurer tells consumers to ‘Unworry’

To differentiate itself in the commoditized insurance market, NRMA Insurance has launched a major brand repositioning based on the theme “Unworry.” Communications center on the power of “un”—e.g., “Who couldn’t do with more ‘un’ in their lives? Unstress, uncomplicate, unhassle ….”

The strategy promotes the value of the positive feeling consumers can get from being insured rather than focusing on the rational differentiator of price versus inclusions, waiting periods, etc. This strategy followed NRMA category research that revealed “after two years, if people had not made a claim on their insurance they developed a level of resentment in paying premiums, feeling that they had not got their money’s worth,” according to an article in The Australian.

Driving the value equation (value over price) is a commonly discussed recession strategy, and given how much anxiety and worry the downturn is stirring among consumers, NRMA’s campaign is particularly relevant. However, the sustainability and effectiveness of this repositioning surely relies on whether the business and its product/service offering have truly adopted it—or whether it’s simply a front-ended campaign that risks becoming generic wallpaper.

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