‘Just do it’ plus ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ = ‘Just run, and be happy’

china_funrunChinese sports brand Li Ning has launched a Web site, iRun Club, dedicated to runners across China. Not a new idea, as Nike launched Nike+ quite a while ago, but two factors make this initiative look promising. First, Nike+ has never achieved real momentum in China due to its high-end positioning—joggers tend not to have the money for Nikes or an iPod. So this site is more likely to resonate with Li Ning’s target consumer. Second, it comes at a time when consumers are beset by increasing anxiety due to the economic climate. Its slogan, “Just run, and be happy,” is a perfect pitch for people looking to de-stress in this volatile time.

2 Responses to “‘Just do it’ plus ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ = ‘Just run, and be happy’”

  • Connecting fitness with stress relief is a particularly relevant message during these anxious times. I think this will resonate very clearly with anyone who has ever experienced the runner’s high or post-workout mood lift.

  • I think this is a nice example of renewing a brand’s relevance without having to launch a new product or reinvent your offering.

    Especially in today’s climate where “free pleasures” are more relevant than ever.

    Makes one wonder what other “free pleasures” brands could tap into as a source of fresh relevance.

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