Storagista takes Manhattan Mini Storage

storagistaFirst there was the “recessionista.” Now there’s—are you ready for this?—the “Storagista.” As defined in Manhattan Mini Storage’s latest ad campaign, it’s a “city gal who downsizes to a studio and stores to save money.”

Sure space is always an issue in a city where rents are high and square footage nil. But the scenarios depicted in this effort—taking in roommates (“Storagenius”), converting a closet into a cubicle (“Storanomical”) or a dining room into a baby’s room (“Storkage”)—hit a little too close to home (literally) for many Manhattanites. Especially in light of news that New York City unemployment jumped to 8.1 percent in February from 6.9 percent in January, with the number of jobless double that of a year ago.

While humor can serve as a welcome reprieve during times like this, brands that make light of our current circumstances should take care to err on the side of exaggerating reality rather than reflecting it.

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  • Make light? Really? But then we should exaggerate reality??

    That was actually NOT at all the intention. In fact, completely opposite. As NY started really suffering from the economic downturns, the crew at MMS really got their thinking caps on to find ways to help out NYer’s who might have to cut corners.

    Why is it too close to home? Because it is true? Heck, if we can help a few NYes make it through these tough times, then it’s worth it. So inspiration, ideas and pulling up our collective boot straps and getting though it all with some style and grace: that’s what NY is about.

    NYer’s don’t need to be coddled by fake stuff.. reality will do.

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