Balancing health, wellness and budgets

martink-kingsley_pineapple-pileThere has been a lot of talk lately about which categories are “recession-proof.” Are there certain goals and aspirations that trump the desire to save money? Are there priorities people will simply not skimp on?

With these questions in mind, today we release “Balancing Health, Wellness and Budgets,” a trend report that examines how the boom in health and wellness has been affected by the global financial crisis and the growing consumer desire for thrift.

Our research shows that people are adopting creative ways to pursue their healthy habits while watching their budgets. Cost-cutting might mean opting for conventional vegetables rather than organics or forgoing gym memberships and using fitness DVDs instead. Some are taking resourcefulness too far, splitting prescription pills in half, sharing prescriptions or dangerously rationing medicine.

To check out the report for yourself, download it from the Trends and Research page.

Photo credit: Martin Kingsley

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