In the Philippines, packaging is key for thrifty consumers

img_0704Filipino kids are taught not to be wasteful—our moms always reminded us to finish all the food on our plate, not keep the water running while bathing and turn on lights only when it got dark. And in these trying times, this Filipino value of thrift and resourcefulness is thriving, as we noted when we visited consumers’ homes recently. We met one woman who washed her hair using the small dipper pail (“tabo”) that Filipinos use in the bathroom and caught the rinse water in another pail for cleaning the bathroom floors. Some people invert their bottle of shampoo or lotion halfway through the bottle to ensure that every last drop is used and not left clinging to the side.

Another consumer practice is to go for the cheaper refill packs of fabric conditioner, pouring it into old bottles. Now Vaseline shampoo is responding with the first refill pack in the shampoo category, and adding 50 percent more to the product. Just one example of how, during difficult times, smart brands can use packaging to maximize their consumers’ experience of the product.

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  • The problem is they are so hard to tear open- you are in the shower already with no access to scissors and the damn thing just would not open!

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