In times of crisis, brands can provide a breath of fresh air

In March, we offered up a lesson from Argentina’s past, looking at how one brand there responded to consumers during the country’s economic crisis in the early aughts. Several interesting case studies came out of that turbulent time, and today we offer one from Quilmes, a leading beer brand that struck a chord with soccer fans during the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

Argentina is a country that loves soccer, and its citizens would do anything to see the national team win the World Cup. Quilmes, which sponsors the national team, created a commercial in which its players cheered the nation, urging them to pull through and get past the crisis (which resulted in severe inflation and high unemployment, among other things).

When everything seems entangled and there’s no clear way out, brands can transmit positive messages by taking sides with the consumer and providing moral support—a very effective way of achieving a strong emotional bond.

2 Responses to “In times of crisis, brands can provide a breath of fresh air”

  • It’s nice to see a commercial where the celebrities aren’t being praised, but rather the people who support them.

  • That’s a very clever piece of thinking from Quilmes. Would it also work in other football/sports fanatical countries? Brasil?

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