In Saudi Arabia, SABB targets recession-proof customers

hsbcThe usual response for banks during a recession is to become tight-fisted and cautious about giving loans, which in turn frustrates customers. The Saudi stock market was hit particularly hard, and banks have been having trouble acquiring loans. So we brainstormed with HSBC (locally known as SABB) to create an ad campaign that targets governmental employees, whose jobs are considered to be the most stable in the country.

The copy basically reads, “Do you work in the health sector? A special personal loan awaits you, for a limited time only. Call 800-124-5557 or visit your nearest branch.”

The campaign targets those who work not only in the health sector, but also telecom, the military, education and the petroleum industry. The goal is to get these reliable prospects inquiring about a loan, and according to SABB, it has already generated enormous traffic.

This simple and straightforward campaign helps enhance the brand essence of SABB understanding its customers, and it gives the perception that the bank has created a special loan for them, while other banks are declining loan applications. —with contribution by Talal Tahan

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  • Looks like a great campaign… Simple and to the point as you said.. Keep up the good work..!!

    You mentioned that the campaign also targets other sectors, even though the ad is only speaking to the women health sector employees..

    My question is: how will the other sectors know about the campaign? Are you counting on the fact that people will call to inquire out of curiosity, or will there be other billboards and marketing ads for the rest of the sectors?

    Just wondering…

    يعطيك العافية وبالتوفيق

  • AbdulMoushen Almadani

    Thank you for your comments.

    As you have deduced,

    The campaign contained separate artwork that was directed at other sectors such as telecom, petroleum, etc. Also people that were not in the public sectors still called in, curious if there was a loan awaiting them :)

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