Thanks to mobile provider, optimism thrives in Austria

mobile-optimismSurveys show that Austrians have become more pessimistic. With daily news items about how the crisis is affecting the local economy and people’s wallets, it’s no wonder that only 10 percent of consumers believe things will be getting better soon while 38 percent say they will be getting worse. Some clever Austrian brands are showing how to fight the pessimism. The young mobile provider BOB, for example, has launched the Web 2.0 platform—from “optimist” + “bob”—where Austrians can share tips on how to enjoy life and save money in Vienna. Such offerings allow brands to connect consumers on an intimate level, reminding them of the bright side of things rather than the doom and gloom of the recession.

2 Responses to “Thanks to mobile provider, optimism thrives in Austria”

  • It’s interesting that positivity/opportunism is a recurring theme in how brands are responding.

    With pragmatism/austerity an obvious response to recession, it’s refreshing to see more and more brands taking a different approach.

  • Lois Saldana - New York

    @Gino Borromeo: I agree. And I also think it’s simply the responsible thing to do. As Juan Pablo Rocha points out, sometimes, by repeating and sensationalizing a story, you help create a worse reality.

    In a way, brands can help create a better reality as they have the power to shape the stories that are being told in the public domain. These stories should inspire rather than cause despair.

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