The Financial Times targets advertisers with novel use of billboards

200913576_1The Financial Times just won a gold CLIO Billboard Award for what is a great example of recessionary advertising. To encourage marketers to advertise in the paper, the FT used empty billboard spaces in the U.K. to question the wisdom of cutting marketing budgets in hard times. Stickers in the right-hand corners of the billboards posed questions such as “What’s the first mistake businesses make?”—alluding to studies showing that businesses that increase ad spend during recessions are the ones that do best afterward.

As we discussed last fall in our “Marketing in a Recession” white paper, maintaining share of mind during a recession costs much less than rebuilding it after a period of marketing inactivity. Marketers need to regard advertising in a recession as an investment rather than an expense.

The FT’s novel use of this outdoor medium—billboards empty because of the recession—tied in perfectly with a very apt message.

Photo credit: CLIO Awards

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