A Filipino ice cream chain coolly captures the pleasure-price ratio

icecreamstoresaDuring a recent in-home consumer visit, a local orthodontist confessed to us that her secret simple pleasure is discovering new ice cream experiences. To her, this is the best reward after a hard week of fitting dentures for her clients. Her lament is that beyond the usual brands, her discoveries tend to be on the premium side. Häagen-Dazs Cafe, for example, has not added branches in Manila.

Enter the seemingly generic Ice Cream Store sa ___ (roughly translated, Ice Cream store at ___).The branch owner fills in the blank with the relevant street name for that homey neighborhood feel. According to blog reviews, the taste, presentation and variety of the ice cream concoctions, as well as the impulse products, are comparable to those of big-name brands Selecta (Unilever-Walls), the local Magnolia brand from San Miguel, and Nestlé Ice Cream, which has a single store, Nestlé Ice Cream House.

Now with more than 20 branches around the Philippines, restaurant meals in Ice Cream Store sa ___ start at only 39 pesos, or about 81 cents; for 89 pesos, or roughly $1.80, you can get a full rice meal. (After all, what is a Filipino restaurant without rice?) The dine-in customer experiences a bright, diner-like, neighborly atmosphere without the snooty feel.

In times of difficulty, consumers will always seek small indulgences. And that may be as easy as going down the street.

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  • I’ve been in 3 branches of Ice Cream Store around Metro Manila and I enjoy eating ice cream there all the time! very affordable, yet as delicious as other big-named brands! :)

  • Anybody know if there is a branch near Lower Antipolo or Robinson’s Metro East? I am curious and want to try this out.

  • How can we franchise?

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