A small sign of recession in a packed Mumbai mall

bluryeeThe other day, a client was noting that the parking lot was full on a recent Sunday at Orbit, a popular mall in Mumbai. “What recession?!” was his rhetorical point. All the malls in Mumbai seem as packed as ever, especially on weekends, when families sometimes spend a whole day at the mall.

Epiphany struck the other day while buying a pair of jeans at a local mall called High Street Phoenix. The answer came from an unlikely place: Normally when one buys jeans, it takes at least an hour for the shop to custom-fix the length. It’s been like that for years. But nowadays, you can get your jeans adjusted in just 10 minutes. Small pleasures due to smaller crowds.

Brands can take a fresh look at opportunities for small pleasures hidden in the recession.

Photo credit: bluryee

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