Car market heating up in Saudi Arabia

adBrands here are learning to be more in tune with the consumers’ anxieties and responding with offers that motivate them. Recently, Toyota has been grabbing attention by addressing consumers’ price-consciousness and cautious approach to spending.

One ad promotes the “Super Zero” offer: no down payment, Toyota pays the first month’s lease, no administrative fees, no guarantor required, third-party insurance and full repairs. If this doesn’t get people to at least consider a Toyota, nothing will. Another ad uses the headline “When I put my money into a Toyota, I don’t consider it a loss” and emphasizes how easy it is to buy a car through installments. Both ads encourage people to visit the Web site.

I’ve seen the ads posted multiple times on blogs and Facebook; they’ve also cropped up in e-mails and in conversations. Toyota has effectively managed to convey a sense of opportunity not to be missed—these ads are likely to at least get people in the door. And the response has been strong enough that Nissan and Hyundai have responded with similar offers.

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