Still eating caviar, but buying it at a discount

It used be that most people who took advantage of vouchers, deals and discounts were living on a shoestring. Today, it’s simply a sign of a savvy shopper, whatever their income. This recession has seen the rise of the deal-seeking affluent, and brands that have not traditionally catered to an affluent audience should be doing all they can to appeal to this new breed of discount shopper. By luring in these consumers now and offering them a good experience, brands may well retain their custom beyond the recession.

One example from the U.K., which I highlight in our Balancing Health, Wellness and Budgets presentation (download in the Trends and Research page), is discount supermarket chain Aldi, which swiftly added luxury items such as whole Canadian lobster (£5.99) and premium caviar (£1.69) in response to an influx of high-income customers. One trend forecaster has labeled these shoppers “the Aldirati,” while some call them NFAs (no-frills affluents), as an article in the Times of London points out. A recent Aldi campaign hit the nail on the head with the tagline: “Don’t change your lifestyle, change your supermarket.”

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  • Lois Saldana - New York

    FYI: In addition to checking out our Health, Wellness and Budgets presentation, people interested in how people are balancing H&W needs in a recession should also check out this article published on MediaPost yesterday:

    The article details findings from a Foods study on how people are changing their eating and dining out habits to save money and eat more healthily.

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