Etisalat takes a comedic look at recession cost-cutting

Etisalat, a telecommunications services provider, has used cutthroat prices and competitive promotions to maintain an edge since arriving in the Egyptian market. Its latest campaign, promoting a package that provides free intra-company minutes and SMS messages, is a direct response to the diminishing funds allocated to corporate employees. Claiming that Etisalat offers the “most affordable corporate bill,” the TV commercial is a comedic look at recession cost-cutting.

Corporate honchos are shown going to extremes such as firing half the employees, maximizing as much space as possible, giving out hand-held fans (batteries not included) to cut down on AC bills, limiting lunch breaks to just one minute and traveling by any means possible. The humor of the ad, as well as its ability to relate to the circumstances of many people, helped push the product forward. In a market where a lot of the communication is failing to recognize the effects of the recession, this ad cut through the noisy clutter and was spot-on for many corporations.

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