Oxfam/M&S ‘Wardrobe Intervention’ is a winning formula

mylene1Data from our study “The Recession and Its Impact on the Environment” shows that many new environmentally friendly consumer behaviors are a by-product of the recession and the pressing need to save money. But there’s still a sizable segment changing their habits for the environment’s sake alone and yet more who are doing so for both reasons. Regardless of motivation, the net result is that more and more eco-friendly behaviors are becoming embedded in British culture.

For brands, highlighting the dual benefits of saving money and saving the planet should be a winning formula and one that will serve them well beyond this recession. Oxfam and Marks & Spencer are doing this via their joint “Wardrobe Intervention” promotion. Users nominate someone with questionable style and send an e-card detailing how they can update their wardrobe with the M&S/Oxfam Clothes Exchange—by taking old M&S clothes to Oxfam, shoppers get a £5 voucher to spend in M&S on a new, more fashionable item.

To download the U.K. version of “The Recession and Its Impact on the Environment,” click here.

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