South Africa’s Nedbank lures new customers with cash

untitledkOne of South Africa’s “big four” lending institutions, Nedbank, is attempting to grow its client base by offering R750 (approximately $100) for new customers. Aptly named the “Fresh Start Account,” this targets consumers in their early twenties who have not yet formed any serious attachments to banks. When a minimum salary of R3,000 (about $450) is paid into the account, Nedbank credits it with R750 after 45 days. A “refer a friend” portion of the promotion attempts to tap into the social networks of these new consumers by offering R30,000 (just over $4,000) in a random drawing to one customer who has successfully referred a friend.

This is a good tactic by Nedbank. Not only is it providing a financial incentive for joining the bank (at a time when people really need extra cash) but it’s targeting people who will potentially stay with the bank for years and expand their product portfolio, generating revenue for Nedbank that will eventually eclipse the R750 it has paid out.

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