HSBC: Pangea as metaphor and statement

A new HSBC commercial, “Pangea,” developed by JWT Mexico and JWT Brazil, is at once a metaphor for the world and a strong brand proposal at a time of crisis.

Today’s world is a new form of pangea (“a hypothetical continent including all the landmass of the earth prior to the Triassic period”): Globalization made the world become one, and the crisis makes this very clear, in that it’s happening everywhere, and everyone can relate to it.

Pangea is also a clear statement of overcoming: being together as a way to strengthen, to face adversity and to feel safe. The message carries a deep understanding that in hard times a basic instinct of bonding emerges: “There are times when it is better to stay together. More than a hundred million customers all over the world know it. That’s why they are all in the same place. Diversity is our strength.”

Pangea is both the problem and the solution. HSBC offers this powerful message to dramatize its brand values of strength and diversity on a global scale. Big brands need strong ideas to make a crisis become an opportunity.

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