Volkswagen UK makes reliable sexy

Volkswagen UK is the latest marketer to take the glass-half-full approach to the recession, turning a commercial for its Passat into a campy musical number. In the number (er, TV spot), a newly unemployed, down-on-his-luck gent sings about “Positive Thinking” as he confronts news of plummeting stocks, empty storefronts, everything-must-go sales and the like.

The end line arrives after the protagonist hops in his Passat and drives away: “One thing you can be sure of.”

In a world of uncertainty, people want some certainty. VW taps into that truth subtly and smartly. On the Web site, the Passat is described as “a car you can depend on,” its details “reassuring reliable.” These aren’t normally the sexiest descriptors, but then, these aren’t normal times.

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