Chinese pain-relief brand tells anxious consumers to pop a pill

The OTC pain-relief category in China has been very competitive due to low product differentiation. So successful brands such as GlaxoSmithKline’s Fenbid try to differentiate on emotional territories. Since as early as 1995, Fenbid has consistently worked to own “empathy” and “care” with touching copy. Fenbid’s latest campaign for headache relief caught my attention because it shows how anxiety can be turned to brand’s advantage if handled skillfully.
The TV commercial features a real-life conscientious lawyer who helps poor people protect their civil rights. Her monologue has the audience empathizing with the pressures and anxieties she must have weathered over the years in dealing with numerous difficult cases. The product comes into the scene as she starts to talk about how anxiety-induced headaches can render her mind blank—but that thanks to Fenbid, she can continue to work for the people.

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  • Very interesting, touching on the empathic and emotional points in the campaign. I’m not at all surprised and I’m sure it worked wonders, I know I was looking for anything possible when I had some back pain last summer, heck I probably would have been a customer…

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