In Germany, Coca-Cola positions itself at center of family meal


Coke deckt den Tisch” (“Coke sets the table”), Coca-Cola’s new campaign in Germany, brings the whole family back to the table and successfully communicates that Coca-Cola is a perfect drink to serve at mealtime.

Families tend to come together during economic downturns and uncertain times, and they’re more likely to do so at home, since people are dining out less often. A recent survey by TNS Infratest on behalf of Coca-Cola confirmed this and also found that in Germany almost half of Coca-Cola drinks are served with food. And 40 percent of these drinks are consumed at home. The survey also found that 95 percent of families want to spend more time together and more than two-thirds want to eat at home together more often, but only half do so.

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  • Interesting article. However, I am sure you noticed the slight change in the advert from its original on the TNS site and the one pictured above.

    “Coca Cola deckt den Tisch fuer satte Umsatzzuwaechse” – Coca Cola serves it up for full revenue growth?

    This advert is also relating to a special promotion in March/April. So a tat too late to discuss now, however it would be interesting to find out if Germans accepted this “evil sugary American drink” on their family table for good?

    Any takers?

  • Thank you Volker!!

    I don’t speak German and didn’t realize that the picture was not simply one of the ads! Thanks so much for giving me the heads up! I cropped the picture to take that line out.

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