Free samples: A reason to party in Spain

party21In a downturn, sampling can transform from a call to buy into a generous gift from brands. A few weeks ago, so-called DanceBag parties were organized in several clubs around Spain; they were publicized through Facebook. More than 50,000 revelers left discos with free samples from brands including Axe, Trident, Bic and Smint.

HighCo Marketing House, the company responsible for the initiative, is also proposing a SkiBag (for handing out on the slopes), a GoldenBag (for luxury hotel rooms) and a SummerBag (for beachgoers). Let’s take two positive conclusions: Brands can collaborate to improve their efforts, and sampling is the best experience marketing you can propose to a society beset by the downturn.

Photo Credit: Viernest

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  • Although sampling w/o a sales objective needs a marketing exec with long-term vision, an initiative such as this can possibly be transformed into the tip of a cohesive marketing-sales spear that builds into retail promotions, shelf-capture and brand affinity.

    But with so much dependent on the results of the product experience, possibly this tool should only be adopted by clear category leaders – or those totally confident of their product’s superiority.

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