Spain’s real estate crisis stirs rise of the brand store

casa-knoor-banner2In Spain, the downturn has not yet slowed, and the economy is still under a dark cloud. Brands are feeling this lack of oxygen, and new campaigns are few and generally conservative. One area where we’re seeing some activity is brand stores. This trend is being accelerated by the real estate crisis, which has created lots of cheap opportunities. Finally brands are playing with shops as experience spaces for consumers.

First, Danone opened up a store in Barcelona, a huge yogurt bar and restaurant project. Now Casa Knorr has launched in Barcelona and Madrid, with free cooking and nutrition workshops for kids and adults, as well as product tastings. Workshop attendees will learn to put together a weekly menu and prepare healthy snacks, and even be accompanied on instructive supermarket shopping trips by a chef and dietitian.

These consumer experience labs are a smart investment. It will be interesting to see whether they become a permanent part of the marketing mix once the downturn ends.

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  • I love this idea and wish the U.S. had more interactive dining experiences that were available to more than just the wealthy and those who could afford expensive cooking classes and experiences. These programs should be initiated in public schools in order to make eating a healthy fun social experiment that reinforces healthy eating habits.

    Once the downturn ends, I think this trend will stick to some degree. Brands today are in a unique position to fill a void where other social institutions are lacking (i.e. public schools providing comprehensive nutrition education.)

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