positions itself as alternative to real estate agents

isoldHome improvement retailers have been hawking DIY as an empowerment tool for some time, but the downturn has seen some other brands looking to the same strategy. Consider The U.K. real estate service, backed by supermarket chain Tesco, is offering a package that includes home valuation, online and print advertising, and agent-led open houses for £999 and up. The service aims to straddle the line between pure online selling—via eBay, for example—and agent-lead sales. Considering that U.K. real estate agents earn 1.5 to 2 percent on each home sale, according to the iSold site, the package could save sellers thousands of pounds. Home owners are responsible for negotiating selling prices and meeting with prospective buyers, but that could be a good thing for iSold. Owners made to feel helpless by the recession might like a turn in the driver’s seat.

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