Porto Seguro fights Brazilian road rage

transito-mais-gentilHow many times have you been stuck in traffic and witnessed stupid attitudes that ended up with people arguing or even getting physically aggressive? If you live in São Paulo, this has happened at least once in your life. So last December, Porto Seguro, one of Brazil’s largest insurance companies, launched a social movement and campaign called Transito mais gentil (For a kinder traffic). The idea is to discuss driver violence and create calmer attitudes by doing things like showing a heart—which is also the movement logo—when someone has an intolerant attitude on the road.

Supported by many opinion makers and celebrities, the campaign will be rolled out throughout 2010 in the São Paulo area, with everything from TV and radio spots to social media forums and events. More than 8,000 people have joined the cause through Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and Flickr. Recently, Porto Seguro distributed car stickers through Veja, Brazil’s largest weekly magazine, for those who want to show support for the movement.

Porto Seguro is also making customers an offer: a 5 percent discount on car insurance for those with zero occurrences on their driver’s license (i.e., responsible drivers). For supporters of the campaign, they raffle off theater tickets and special content, like tests to identify what kind of driver you are.

Considering that every year 35,000 people die from human failures on Brazilian roads, the campaign seems like a smart one—ideally it will help reduce this number, but at the least it should help alleviate some road-related anxiety by giving drivers a way to address the issue.

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