Stouffer’s taps into parental anxieties about children

Worried about your children using drugs? Wondering if they get along with other kids at school? How are their grades? A Stouffer’s campaign from our JWT New York office tells parents the answer to all these questions can be found right at the dinner table.

The frozen-foods brand has crafted its “Let’s fix dinner” campaign around the insight that dinner as a family has a positive impact. TV spots feature different types of families gathering around the dinner table and direct viewers to The site challenges real families to eat together more often, listing stats about the benefits (teens who have family meals are 66 percent less likely to try drugs, etc.), even noting that teens will be more likely to talk about their problems.

Tapping into consumer anxiety about their children’s well-being, Stouffer’s smartly presents a strategy for parents, positioning itself as part of this solution.

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