JPMorgan Chase touts itself as ally of homeowners and small-business owners

As we just posted, Strongbow Cider in the U.K. is again telling bankers to “Sod off,” more than a year after it premiered that populist theme. There’s still plenty of anger toward bankers and their institutions in the U.S. as well. So a new commercial for JPMorgan Chase seeks to assure viewers by depicting the brand as an icon of responsible banking practices and an institution that’s all about helping the little guy.

In “Change,” illustrated with a well-executed animation, the voiceover clearly quantifies what JPMorgan Chase has done to better the American economy since it “tumbled.” When other banks were closing last year, JPMorgan Chase set up new offices to 
“work directly with homeowners” and help “over 200,000 Americans keep their homes,” and the bank has upped its small-business lending commitment this year to $10 billion. The spot also seeks to put a human face on the lender, showcasing the fact that it gives “businesses the opportunity to ask for a second review if they feel their loan should have been approved.”

With the final line “This is the way forward,” the bank is positioned as part of the solution. While it will take more than a few commercials to convince skeptical consumers of this, there’s nowhere to go but up: In the most recent Harris Interactive survey of corporate reputations, released in April, banks were clustered at the bottom of the 60-company list, with JPMorgan Chase at No. 53.

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