Asics advertises exercise as antidote to anxiety

We all know exercise is a great way to combat stress, but interestingly we haven’t seen athletic brands get much mileage out of this. Asics, however, is turning out beautiful executions based around the idea that, in the brand’s words, “by staying active, you can shed negativity.”

The latest execution shows runners with word clouds around them seemingly shedding words such as “angst” and “worry.” A new tagline spells out the idea: “Running releases more than just sweat.” A similar, year-old commercial in the campaign shows words such as “stress” and “fear” as a runner races through sheets of water.

Making literal the connection between mental and physical well-being is logical for Asics, a Japanese company whose name is an acronym for the Latin “anima sana in corpore sano,” or “a sound mind in a sound body.” And it’s especially logical at a time when consumer anxiety is high and solutions to some of our biggest problems (unemployment and the economic crisis, terrorism, the environment) have no quick or easy solutions.

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