Tostitos positions itself as a brand that connects people

tostitos-reunite-americaBrands bringing people together, face to face, has been a bit of a theme in the recent past. We’ve written about Nescafe’sGet a little closer” campaign in Australia and a U.K. National Rail campaign (which used lines like “1/3 off hugs with mum … because a text won’t get your washing done”); last year also saw efforts like Diesel’s Facepark” in Germany, an outdoor gathering that riffed on Facebook motifs.

It is on Facebook that Tostitos is basing its “Reunite America” campaign, where the Frito-Lay brand declares, “We’re bringing people together one chip at a time.” Tostitos will fund reunions of “loved ones who are separated across the country,” after contestants submit video stories and visitors to the page vote on favorites (Tostitos hasn’t yet determined how many such reunions it will sponsor, brandchannel reports).

The campaign seems likely to strike a chord with consumers, given that it taps into several current anxieties: that we’re substituting digital connections for more substantial relationships, that we’ve been forgetting what’s most important in life (tying into a recession-related trend we termed Savoring Simple Pleasures), and that money problems will keep us from our loved ones. Given this, we can expect more campaigns that present brands as face-to-face facilitators.

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