Oscar Mayer tells Spaniards, ‘If you enjoy it, do it’

For the past two years, economic uncertainty has caused a great deal of anxiety among Spaniards. The unemployment nightmare, uncertainty about the future and frozen family budgets have changed the rules of consumption. Strictly rational shopping behavior has become a must—no more fun impulse buys. Recently, brands have been responding to this mind-set by using positive calls to action in an effort to discourage rational thoughts and encourage more spontaneous enjoyment. For instance, Renault is running a campaign that urges people “to take advantage first and think later,” a strategy that puts a literal spin on one of our “10 Trends for 2011,” The Urgency Economy.

oscar-mayerNow, Oscar Mayer has launched an interesting brand idea—the brand is championing the concept of simply having fun and worrying about the consequences later on. The executions are funny. Filmed with a hidden camera and illustrating the tagline “Si te divierte, hazlo” (“If you enjoy it, do it”), these staged pranks show people enjoying Oscar Mayer products in humorous and unconventional situations where fun is the No. 1 goal. For example, one is set in a high-end restaurant in Madrid, where a prankster takes a seat, pulls out an Oscar Mayer hot dog and proceeds to eat it while waiting to be served, to the dismay of the other patrons. The campaign includes a microsite, sitediviertehazlo.

The brand is trying to bring some fresh air into consumers’ stressful lives and ultimately to nudge people back to their pre-recessionary “spend-now-think-later” ways.

Photo Credit: http://www.sitediviertehazlo.es/

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