With surprise plane ride, Telmex brings its slogan to life in Colombia

Colombia has one of the highest Internet penetration rates in Latin America and the fastest adoption rate, according to comScore. Yet the majority of Colombians don’t have a high-speed connection at home, instead frequenting Internet cafes to get online. While Colombians can afford computers, most are hesitant to invest in broadband due to the monthly fees, so broadband has yet to become a commodity. In a recent campaign for Telmex, a local Internet provider, JWT Bogotá used this insight to directly address price anxiety surrounding the cost of at-home Internet connections.

One day last October at Colombia’s busiest bus terminal, 35 people boarded a bus for the long journey from Bogotá to Calí. As the trip began, a mystery man boarded and told the passengers that thanks to Telmex broadband service, they would be traveling by plane, an experience most had never had before. An eight-hour bus journey became a 35-minutes plane ride—a tangible demonstration of Telmex’s promise of “high speeds for the price of low speeds.”

By placing real people in a storytelling-based activation, Telmex effectively humanized its service, countering the misconception that high-speed broadband (just like flying on a plane) is an out-of-reach experience for everyday Colombians.

Telmex Airplane Comercial Spot JWT Colombia from Patrick Sewards on Vimeo.

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