Spotting anxiety in the underwear drawer, Hanes urges consumers to declutter

Under-garments and anxiety may not seem to go hand-in-hand, but this month a Hanes campaign somewhat counterintuitively connects stress with socks, T-shirts and underwear. The brand has named March National Clean Out Your Drawers Month, listing “peace of mind” as the top reason consumers should put this task on their to-do lists. A press release also pushes the connection, declaring that “denial, anxiety and forgotten undergarments” are “hiding in the back of America’s underwear drawer.”

The hoarding phenomenon is invoked, with a senior VP explaining that “We’ve learned through research that many people experience anxiety when throwing things out, which results in keeping items that will never again be used.” Once relieved of the burden of unwanted underthings, visitors to the brand’s Facebook page are advised to “restock your freshly cleaned drawers with new clothes from Hanes.” (Also, oddly, they’re told to donate “gently used” castoffs to Goodwill, though even the neediest seem unlikely to want secondhand socks and the sweat-stained tees that people are most likely to toss.)

There’s even a “mix and match” drawer-themed game and an “Organized or Out of Control?” quiz. While we’ve always aspired to Real Simple-style drawer perfection, all in all the campaign seems a bit of a stretch.

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