In Mexico, Ciel water makes sculptures out of its bottles

JWT’s AnxietyIndex study in Mexico, conducted last year, found that Mexicans are more anxious about the impact of climate change than our global average (and also more anxious than our Latin American average). And since Mexicans consume a lot of bottled water, litter and waste generation are big issues. A recycling campaign from Coca-Cola’s Ciel, a bottled-water brand, gives people a positive way to “Turn it around” (“Dale la vuelta”) when it comes to waste. To demonstrate that the Eco-flex bottles can be easily collapsed, Ciel is inviting Mexicans to not just recycle the bottles but create something with them. To demonstrate, Ciel has installed in various public spots enormous sculptures made with Ciel bottles: dinosaurs, pyramids, elephants, even the Taj Mahal. The whimsical creations should help lessen concerns around use of plastic bottles and get people thinking about recycling.

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