Jell-O looks to cheer up the Twitterverse

Jell-O is promising to help cure consumers’ blues with a fun idea that leverages tweets that feature frowny faces. The Kraft brand will use a “Mood Monitor” to compare smiley faces and frowns on Twitter—an exec told Ad Age that when the former represents less than 51 percent, meaning that the national mood is trending down, Jell-O will give pudding “incentives” (likely coupons) to tweeters broadcasting the sad emoticons. But the recipient must first respond with “:D,” which Jell-O is using as a symbol of happy “pudding face,” a theme featured in its current TV campaign. (Jell-O pudding labels also feature a wide smiley face and the line “Frown is a four-letter word.”) Ad Age reports that a similar idea will be implemented on Facebook. It’s an innovative way to expand on the idea of the snack as a way to erase worries and elevate mood, with the brand addressing that mood in real time.

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