Avon’s Miraculous Mirror instills confidence in Slovakian women

It’s easy for women to feel anxious and insecure about their looks when the standards of beauty can seem so unattainable. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone (or something) that could ease anxieties about imperfections and assure you that you’re beautiful? Avon, which has been in Slovakia for 20 years, wanted to show women that they have grown more beautiful each year.

Avon accomplished this by installing the Miraculous Mirror on a busy street. A large mirror equipped with a camera, microphone and loudspeakers attracted onlookers. Avon representatives monitored the mirror via a WiFi connection, and would interact with people as they walked by, providing compliments such as “you look beautiful today” and “hardly a flaw may be seen.” The playful interaction between the mirror and passersby created a positive feeling for women who stopped to look at themselves in the mirror and eliminating, perhaps, the beauty flaws that only they could see.

Avon Miraculous Mirror from stussy on Vimeo.

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