Action America encourages positivity, community service to honor 9/11

Action America, a nonprofit launched just before the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, is “dedicated to turning the events of 9/11 into positive action.” Sponsored by a coalition of nonprofits and corporations, the effort is spearheaded by Marquis Jet founder Kenny Dichter along with AOL chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong. It directs “Actionists”—those who are “purveyors of positivity”—to, where they can find local volunteer opportunities as well as donate to the 9/11 Memorial or the Wounded Warriors Project. A sharing component encourages visitors to spread the word about the campaign and share memories or photos related to the World Trade Center. And New York Says Thank You, a documentary sponsored by individuals and Action America corporate patrons that looks at four New Yorkers who helped other communities recover from disaster, aired on Fox-owned MyNetwork stations on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary.

“None of us will ever forget 9/11, but we must not let it scar the national psyche or have us live in fear,” said Dichter in a press release. “We can all subvert the intention of terror and take 9/11 back by using it to unite the nation in positive action. This is exactly what happened immediately following the attack and it needs to happen again.”

Providing an outlet to address ongoing anxiety about terrorism and act on the patriotic feeling generated after 9/11 is a good way to rally Americans, many of whom have been left feeling helpless by the recession and the country’s waning influence on the world stage. People are seeking ways to do their part to get the nation back on track, and this effort can help participants feel they’re a part of a bigger movement that can make an impact—an ongoing trend we termed Collective Consciousness. This effort is likely to ring well with today’s consumers. Let’s get America back on track, one action at time.

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