Norte Beer’s Photoblocker staves off social media ‘hell’

Most people have had a drunken night (or two) that’s better off shoved under the rug, never to be recounted by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Period. But these days, remnants of less-than-lucid escapades seem to find their way into social news streams—and with Google checks becoming standard procedure among prospective employers and Facebook infidelity serving as a “primary source of evidence in divorce proceedings,” anxiety is stirring around social sharing.

Argentina’s Norte Beer has found a clever way to ensure that “What happens in the club stays in the club” with an amusing innovation: The Norte Photoblocker is a beer cooler that keeps drinkers safe from paparazzi in training. The cooler, which Fast Company reports has been distributed to various bars around Argentina, flashes a bright light when it detects the flash from a photo, making any images unusable. Nearby drinkers can safely party-hardy without fear that the night’s activities will be shared with the universe. In one commercial, Norte Beer comically takes viewers through the aftermath of a brotastic birthday bash, with and without Photoblocker—in the former scenario, one of the flirtatious attendees manages to evade the wrath of his girlfriend.

While today’s diligent partygoers have learned to self-censor (or at least use tools such as Last Night Never Happened to erase evidence), there’s little to protect from that friend who lacks a social sharing filter. This lighthearted idea helps keep Norte’s customers “safe and sound,” as this spot says, and reminds them that the beer is in tune with their world.

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