Kleenex sends real-life, real-time TLC to people with the sniffles

Social media allows brands to respond to consumer woes individually and in near-real time, something demonstrated with initiatives like Jell-O sending coupons to sad tweeters whenever more frowny than smiley faces were broadcast on Twitter. A recent Kleenex campaign in Israel picked up on this idea by cheering up people suffering from winter sniffles, but the “Feel Good” campaign aimed to help them feel better in a real (rather than digital) way. After finding 50 Facebook users whose status noted they were sick, Kleenex delivered a kit with items including tissues and a personalized note within a few hours. Every one of the recipients showed appreciation by posting images of the kit to Facebook; Kleenex says total impressions topped 650,000.

As the brand notes in its video about the campaign, the initiative gave Facebook a human touch. For people stuck at home with the flu or a bad cold, well wishes via social media go only so far. Increasingly people appreciate physical, real-life gestures (one reason for the rising popularity of stationery, for example); for a brand that wants to be associated with TLC, making an impact in the physical world as well as reaching consumers in the digital one is a smart move.

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