‘Schick Unplugged’ helps Japanese shavers cut power use

After last year’s earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan, nuclear power was shut down, and Japanese citizens were forced to cut back on power use. In response, Schick and JWT came up with “Unplugged,” a small holder that reminds people not to use electricity (by blocking the electrical outlet) and provides a place to hang a razor at the same time.

The shaver and holder were sold together in promotional packs to make them more accessible to all consumers. Outlets in public bathrooms and those in restaurants and bars were hijacked to convey the message that “Schick saves electricity with you.” Leaflets with general energy saving tips were also part of the campaign.

The brand gave consumers a novel and easy way to adjust their behavior at a time of high anxiety and showed support for the common cause of saving electricity.

Photo Credit: JWT


昨年の震災後、原発が停止。深刻な電力不足から、日本国民は節電を強いられることとなった。そこでシックとJWTは、「アンプラグド・ホルダー」を発明 – カミソリを立掛けると同時に、コンセントをふさぐ機能を併せ持つ。



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