Two years after Toyota’s troubles, Scion touts its parentage

Scion, the Millennial subculture car brand, has a new tagline in Canada: “Made by Toyota. Customized by you.” Really? It wasn’t that long ago that Toyota’s name was in the public opinion trash can, mired with quality control problems. You’d think that with Scion, they’d see an opportunity to distance this sub-brand from the parent company. In fact, when Scion launched here in 2010, a low point for Toyota, most people had no idea who made the car; on, you have to dig really deep to find any relationship to Toyota. So for Scion Canada to leverage Toyota’s “street cred,” there’s only one logical conclusion: Consumer anxiety around Toyota has been kicked to the curb and left behind.

Photo Credit: Jed Churcher

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  • Even if the Toyota brand can quickly infuse Scion with some kind of boost on one or two dimensions, it seems rather short-sighted to do so. Surely Scion has it’s own equity and distinctiveness that warrants a continued distance from the mother ship? If it’s missing something (quality?), surely there’s another way to bolster Scion on this dimension – without running the risk of diluting the brand and making it vulnerable to other Toyota brand attributes that undoubtedly (still)turn off the typical Scion buyer?

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