Kit Kat crafts tongue-in-cheek reprieve from social media commitments

JWT Singapore and Kit Kat recently launched a desktop widget dedicated to helping young adults manage their rising social media obligations. The Social Break app was created in response to findings from a survey they conducted among 19-26-year-olds in China, Singapore and the U.S. that found that maintaining a perfect social media image and presence is making these Millennials increasingly anxious.

Demonstrating clear symptoms of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), half said they feel pressure to be in constant contact on social media, and this burden is intruding into every facet of their lives. More than a third of young Americans visit social media sites when they wake up in the middle of the night; 45 percent of young Singaporeans do so during lectures and class; and 14 percent of young Chinese say they tap away during meetings. In fact, more than half of those surveyed found it too time-consuming to keep up with their social media commitments and concede the time they spend on social networking sites has had a negative impact on their job or studies.

The Kit Kat Social Break widget is designed as a tongue-in-cheek reprieve from all this anxiety. Its settings enable users to automatically “like,” share and tweet activity on their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles, freeing them up to embrace the endless possibilities a break has to offer. For more on how brands can work to alleviate FOMO, see our March trend report.

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